Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I will learn to be wrong

And I will soon be right

I will learn to be defeated

And I will learn once defeat

I will learn to be controlled

And I will soon be able to control

I will learn to satisfy

And I will soon be satisfied

I will learn to cry

And crying will soon give me smiles

I will learn to forgive

And I will soon be forgiven

I will learn to listen

And I will soon be heard

I will learn to understand

And I will soon be understood

I will learn to be unfound

And I will soon be found

I will learn to not give up

I will not be given up on

I will learn to give

And I will soon be given back

I will learn to live life

And life will soon let me live

I will learn to love

And I will be loved.


When I saw you

I was afraid to talk to you

When I talked to you

I was afraid to hold you

When I hold you

I was afraid to love you

Now that I love you

I’m afraid to lose you

Sometimes love hurts

But if it doesn’t hurt

Then it isn’t love

Hold on to the person you love

Before they slip away

Or else you can never get them back

And I died when you left me for that bitch

But I lived for the two months you loved me

Until there was you

I cried myself to sleep

While I had you

I fall asleep with a gentle smile on my face

Before I lost you

I worried myself to sleep

Because I was afraid you would never be mine again

Now that I know you are gone

I sit up at night, waiting for you to come back.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


2 all my frens..
add me at skype k..
i've already have my own skype account..
add me n keep in touch k..

miss him 2..hehe

besides my lovely fren..
i also miss him so much..
like bloody hell..!!
actually he is my 1st luv..(true lover)
we've been spending our 2gther this sem..
coz we already knew that i'll b no longer here again 4 next sem..
he'll b continue his 3rd sem in electrical engineering..
while me..
i still dn know wat is my destiny..
may be in UPSI as i apply there..
in special education n early education..
may b..
but i hope i manage 2 get place in UPSI..
or may b in maktab perguruan in Melaka..
in special education 2..
or may b in SPA at Bangsar..
i apply for 8 courses there..
n i managed 2 get all of them..
n the interview is this coming 5/5/09..
wish me luck k..
emm..back 2 my story..
luv u so much..
hopefully our relationship will last longer even i'll b no longe there with u..
jgn nk naughty ngn org len tau..
i know u wont do it 2 me..
i know u..
n i trust u..
..bling bling..

the end of everything..sob sob

emm..the end of many ends..
its very sad 2 rmmbr back our memory 4 about 2 sem we r 2gthr..
kei nonok..
alyaa ustazah..
mira the princess..
dina kerek..
faey the most adorable person by everyone..(she has may admirerS)
aisyah emo..
eemir terbaik..
n me..the pervert girl..wait a sec..
am i pervert..
its wat kei thought wat i am..
ish..kei nonok..
btw..i miss u guys a lot..
miss u guys so much..
its like bloody hell..!!!
2 tell the truth..
u guys r like my own siblings..
im hepi with u guys..
..sob sob..
sdey la..
hope 2 c u guys again k..
i luv TESL so much..
i luv U GUYS so much..