Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a song 4 my crush..

you make me so in love with you
but do you love me or do you love
an other girl you make me sad you
make me feel unneeded
i want to help you through
all the bad times
we were best friend
when we were little
but did you forget
the three word you said
to me ''i love you''
and when it was the
last day of 2 grade
we said goodbye
and i went to an
other school i thought
about you
everyday until
6 grade i saw you
tell me why you
didn't say anything
to me are you a
differant person sence
i left and now you have a
girlfriend i always wanted to
be with you but you knew
i loved you and you crushed
my heart and you made a
hole in my chest and i
don't know were my heart is
and i love you and only you

Monday, August 10, 2009

exam is killing me..!!!

exam is killing me..??
actually its nt tht it was hard la..
as the exam is still nt fnshd yet..
the harder paper so far was microbe..
actually i only cncntrte on anp..
thx god anp was ok n its nt tht hard actually..
i manage 2 answer all questions..
n rse cm berbaloi2 study ngn saufi..
he hepled me alot..
even he's never study bio b4..
but i really admit that he has good memory..
he can remember all the medic's term which i spend about some time 2 memorize it..

emm..wanna talk about the suture la..hehe
  • frontal suture = frontal bone + frontal bone
  • saggital suture = parietal bone + parietal bone
  • coronal suture = parietal bone + frontal bone
  • lambdoid suture = parietal bone + occipital bone
  • squoamous suture = temporal bone + parietal bone
its nt that hard kn..
after studying this subject..
i know its nt the tme 2 play..
its tme 2 study n cncntrte..
there's no more tdo awl..
there's no more tgk tv..
there's no more stay up tk men game..
there's no more stay up tk tgk movie..
there's no more huha2 things..
the only thing i hve n ought 2 do here is study..
mke sure i pass the exam with flying colors..
n naik sem..
in short,study well so it could be paid off later..

Friday, July 31, 2009

emm..its been quite long time i didnt write on my blog.. im free now, lets write sumthng ya..hehe..
lets start with new life at kskb sg.buloh..
wait a sec..
let me tell u guys wat does kskb means..
K = kolej
S = sains
K = kesihatan
B = bersekutu
im taking diploma in nursing as i got scholarship from ministry of health under SPA..
emm..nursing is nt that bad actually..
b4 i enter kskb, wats on my mind was only the scholaship..
nt the 'nursing' itself..
bt after i start a new class have new lecturers with new frens..
i admit that nursing is smthng that is really noble n it is an art n holistic thingy..

emm..i wanna talk bout da orientation la..
sincerely it was really sux,shit,asshole,mother fucker n damn bullshit..
i hate da jko like bloody hell..
they r so POYO..
yup they r so TAIK..
especially microbe..
microbe is a title given by us..
We r tera(me), zura, kinah n fahsya si montokk..huhu

we need 2 wish da senior along da way 2 anywhere..
they think they r good enough..??
u r so annoying senior..
emm bt not all la..
but wat 2 do..
kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga..
btol x..

lets not talk bout dat shit anymore la..
its already over rite..

new fren..!!!!
ZURA > si tinggi
under 18
org pakistan
ske wat lwk
smile nmpk sume gg..(next coming model 4 colgate)
rjn study
slalu mrgt psl rmmte taik die 2..(xmau2..hua3)

22 years old
ske knekn org..(krg ajr ko kinah..!!) haha
bdk sport n palapes..(bf die pn palapes tau..)
org kelate bt 1 thng i like bout her is she's nt like others kelantanese..
no mutual understandg ngn rmmte

FAHSYA > si montokk
penang sejati
20..bru je hbs mtrx
almost nk tng bt dpt plk SPA ni kne postponed la..
slalu gk complaint psl rmmte die..
that day die apply blk penang coz nk memenuhi keperluan batin..haha(xbley bla..)

n u know why we r fren..?
coz we have so much in common especialy bout our rabies rmmtes..hua3

emm..even dh dpt new frenz, mmbr lme still in my heart..

n nt forgotten..ariffuddin..
emm thx for da abc k..hehe

wish u guys a buck of luck k..
gud luck ok bkl2 ckgu bi..huhu
n gud luck gk kt bkl ustazah..
kt org pndai math gk..hehe

n da most impotant person is gud luck 2 myself..
semoga menjadi bkl staff nurse/ jururawat terlatih yg cemerlang,gemilang n terbilang..AMIN

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I will learn to be wrong

And I will soon be right

I will learn to be defeated

And I will learn once defeat

I will learn to be controlled

And I will soon be able to control

I will learn to satisfy

And I will soon be satisfied

I will learn to cry

And crying will soon give me smiles

I will learn to forgive

And I will soon be forgiven

I will learn to listen

And I will soon be heard

I will learn to understand

And I will soon be understood

I will learn to be unfound

And I will soon be found

I will learn to not give up

I will not be given up on

I will learn to give

And I will soon be given back

I will learn to live life

And life will soon let me live

I will learn to love

And I will be loved.


When I saw you

I was afraid to talk to you

When I talked to you

I was afraid to hold you

When I hold you

I was afraid to love you

Now that I love you

I’m afraid to lose you

Sometimes love hurts

But if it doesn’t hurt

Then it isn’t love

Hold on to the person you love

Before they slip away

Or else you can never get them back

And I died when you left me for that bitch

But I lived for the two months you loved me

Until there was you

I cried myself to sleep

While I had you

I fall asleep with a gentle smile on my face

Before I lost you

I worried myself to sleep

Because I was afraid you would never be mine again

Now that I know you are gone

I sit up at night, waiting for you to come back.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


2 all my frens..
add me at skype k..
i've already have my own skype account..
add me n keep in touch k..

miss him 2..hehe

besides my lovely fren..
i also miss him so much..
like bloody hell..!!
actually he is my 1st luv..(true lover)
we've been spending our 2gther this sem..
coz we already knew that i'll b no longer here again 4 next sem..
he'll b continue his 3rd sem in electrical engineering..
while me..
i still dn know wat is my destiny..
may be in UPSI as i apply there..
in special education n early education..
may b..
but i hope i manage 2 get place in UPSI..
or may b in maktab perguruan in Melaka..
in special education 2..
or may b in SPA at Bangsar..
i apply for 8 courses there..
n i managed 2 get all of them..
n the interview is this coming 5/5/09..
wish me luck k..
emm..back 2 my story..
luv u so much..
hopefully our relationship will last longer even i'll b no longe there with u..
jgn nk naughty ngn org len tau..
i know u wont do it 2 me..
i know u..
n i trust u..
..bling bling..

the end of everything..sob sob

emm..the end of many ends..
its very sad 2 rmmbr back our memory 4 about 2 sem we r 2gthr..
kei nonok..
alyaa ustazah..
mira the princess..
dina kerek..
faey the most adorable person by everyone..(she has may admirerS)
aisyah emo..
eemir terbaik..
n me..the pervert girl..wait a sec..
am i pervert..
its wat kei thought wat i am..
ish..kei nonok..
btw..i miss u guys a lot..
miss u guys so much..
its like bloody hell..!!!
2 tell the truth..
u guys r like my own siblings..
im hepi with u guys..
..sob sob..
sdey la..
hope 2 c u guys again k..
i luv TESL so much..
i luv U GUYS so much..