Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a song 4 my crush..

you make me so in love with you
but do you love me or do you love
an other girl you make me sad you
make me feel unneeded
i want to help you through
all the bad times
we were best friend
when we were little
but did you forget
the three word you said
to me ''i love you''
and when it was the
last day of 2 grade
we said goodbye
and i went to an
other school i thought
about you
everyday until
6 grade i saw you
tell me why you
didn't say anything
to me are you a
differant person sence
i left and now you have a
girlfriend i always wanted to
be with you but you knew
i loved you and you crushed
my heart and you made a
hole in my chest and i
don't know were my heart is
and i love you and only you

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