Monday, August 10, 2009

exam is killing me..!!!

exam is killing me..??
actually its nt tht it was hard la..
as the exam is still nt fnshd yet..
the harder paper so far was microbe..
actually i only cncntrte on anp..
thx god anp was ok n its nt tht hard actually..
i manage 2 answer all questions..
n rse cm berbaloi2 study ngn saufi..
he hepled me alot..
even he's never study bio b4..
but i really admit that he has good memory..
he can remember all the medic's term which i spend about some time 2 memorize it..

emm..wanna talk about the suture la..hehe
  • frontal suture = frontal bone + frontal bone
  • saggital suture = parietal bone + parietal bone
  • coronal suture = parietal bone + frontal bone
  • lambdoid suture = parietal bone + occipital bone
  • squoamous suture = temporal bone + parietal bone
its nt that hard kn..
after studying this subject..
i know its nt the tme 2 play..
its tme 2 study n cncntrte..
there's no more tdo awl..
there's no more tgk tv..
there's no more stay up tk men game..
there's no more stay up tk tgk movie..
there's no more huha2 things..
the only thing i hve n ought 2 do here is study..
mke sure i pass the exam with flying colors..
n naik sem..
in short,study well so it could be paid off later..

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